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5 Benefits of Scheduling Drain Cleaning After the Holidays

The holidays are packed with joy. With all the fun comes increased strain on your drains, presenting some homes with an unsightly holiday calling card. Additional cooking and extra guests at home might turn your drains into a plumbing nightmare. Here are five benefits of scheduling professional drain cleaning to assist you in recovering from your holiday festivities.

1. Improve Water Flow

The buildup of any type of deposit inside your pipes and drains slows the flow of water. You may not even realize that your sink or bathtub is draining slowly. However, during the surge in demand after the holidays, your unclean pipes will be unable to handle the additional water.

When you and your guests use the shower or tub, hair and soap scum accumulate in the drain. Your drain will eventually become fully blocked. Therefore, schedule professional drain cleaning to preserve optimal water flow.

2. Repair Drainage Issues

When a plumber comes to your house, they will not only clean the drains but will also inspect your pipes for any damage. You probably don’t consider what’s going on with the drains in the walls and basement.

However, if you have pipe and drain problems in the walls or basement, the possible harm to your property could be substantial. Tree roots, rusted pipelines, and aged pipes can also cause damage.

3. Remove Bad Odors

You likely have a clog if you smell anything coming from the drains. Contact a plumber even if your sink still drains, but the odor is noticeable in the drain and pipes. Don’t use air fresheners to hide the stink. It is critical to eliminate the source of the smell and ensure that your plumbing functions properly.

4. Lower Your Water Bills

Your water use increases if there’s an undiscovered water leak in the pipes, particularly those leading to your town water line or septic system. This results in a higher water cost. Having a licensed plumber examine your pipes and water lines saves you money in the long run.

5. Improve Your Home Environment

Are you aware that drain flies enjoy building their nests in the sludge of your drains? These tiny moth-like flying bugs hatch in the drain and fly inside your house. They are visible on the walls and around the sinks. Eliminate drain flies in your home by scheduling professional drain cleaning services regularly.

Mold and mildew can also form within your dark, wet drains. Breathing in moldy smells from your drain might be hazardous to your health. Another sanitary worry is a sewer system backup caused by blocked pipes. Raw sewage rushing into your home is the last thing you’d want. Avoid these sanitary problems by keeping your drains clean.

As you’ve seen, scheduling drain cleaning after the holidays offers several advantages for your pipes as well as your peace of mind. Consider professional drain cleaning as a present for yourself and everyone you live with. When you want dependable drain cleaning services in El Paso, TX, contact our plumbers at Choice Plumbing USA.