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Plumbing Service In Horizon City

The team at Choice Plumbing USA is proud to have been serving the community of Horizon City since 2006. Over the years, we would like to think that our presence has provided residents with a trusted resource for all their plumbing needs. As a locally owned and operated business, we believe in supporting the community that helped our company grow and prosper. With that in mind, we work diligently to offer the best pricing on the highest quality plumbing services while also offering an outstanding warranty. Call us at 915-233-7515 for a quote on any of our services which include:

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Your Drain Cleaning Professionals In Horizon City

A slow clearing drain can be easy to overlook. But unfortunately, that will only lead to more issues and potentially a huge mess. And chemicals are never the answer for a clogged drain as they can create dangerous heat and caustic chemical fumes. The only reliable and safe solution for your home’s drain lines and the environment is a professional drain cleaning using a high-pressure water jet. The Choice Plumbing USA pros will scrub away all the sticky residue inside the drain lines and any clogs without concerns for the safety of your drain lines.

Complete Water Heater Service

The water heater experts at Choice Plumbing USA are ready to provide any maintenance or repairs your conventional or tankless water heater might need. From professional cleaning to remove bacteria and odors to decalcification and replacing heating elements or thermostats, our team has you covered. And if your ailing water heater is past its prime, we will provide a quote to install a new fully warrantied unit.

Professional Leak Detection Service

The staff at Choice Plumbing USA uses only the latest leak detection technology to search for any water leaks in your home non-invasively. Thermal imaging, sound amplification tools, and moisture sensors allow us to find even the most well-concealed leaks without significant damage to your home. Locating tiny leaks quickly is the best way to prevent severe water damage and the growth of potentially harmful mold and mildew in your home.

Fast Sewer Line Service

When your home’s sewer line is clogged or damaged, fast service is essential. The team at Choice Plumbing USA will arrive quickly to deploy a tiny camera into the pipe to locate any damage or blockage that is threatening to flood your home with raw sewage. Once the issue is found, we will provide you with sewer line repair or replacement options to ensure that your sewer line worries are eliminated without busting your budget.

Expert Gas Line Services In Horizon City

Even a minor gas leak in your Horizon City home has the potential to make you and your loved ones very sick. The gas displaces the oxygen in the air you are breathing, creating a potentially life-threatening condition called oxygen deprivation. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs, it is likely to be a chemical placed in the odorless natural gas to warn you of a leak. Evacuate your home and call in the experts from Choice Plumbing USA to locate and repair any leaks.

Water Treatment Systems For Your Home

When your water contains too many minerals or is contaminated with heavy metals, chemicals, or bacteria, it is not ideal for anyone to consume. The water quality experts at Choice Plumbing USA are eager to test your water and help you select a water softener or water filtration system to provide the pure, safe water that you and your family deserve. Call 915-233-7515 when you have any concerns about the water or plumbing system in your Horizon City home. The licensed plumbers at Choice Plumbing USA will provide you with an estimate for any plumbing concerns in your home.