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The Top Choice For Drain Cleaning In El Paso, TX

The drains in your El Paso home provide an invaluable service by eliminating dirty water and waste. But many homeowners take these essential pipes for granted because they have always lived with the modern convenience of indoor plumbing. However, the moment you discover a clogged drain in your home, that outlook changes. Suddenly, you are entirely focused on finding an expert for professional El Paso drain cleaning to eliminate the problem and a potential flood of sewage in your home. The solution to your growing clogged drain concerns is a call to 915-233-7515 for professional help from Choice Plumbing USA experts.

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A Safe El Paso, TX Drain Cleaning Solution

It can be tempting to take matters into your own hands and try to remove a drain clog with a jug of chemical drain cleaner. But understand that those caustic chemicals can do far more damage than good. The heat and chemical reaction can destroy your home’s drain pipes rather than removing a tough drain clog. So only trust the experts at Choice Plumbing USA for drain cleaning in El Paso, TX.

Our team uses a completely drain-safe cleaning method to remove any clogs and scrub the inside of all drain lines. A high-pressure water jet does the job quickly and thoroughly without harsh chemicals that can damage pipes, create caustic fumes in your home, and even harm the environment. So all you are left with is clean drains free of sticky residue that causes foul odors and promotes future clogs. Call 915-233-7515 for a quote to quickly remove El Paso drain clogs and the nasty residue inside any drain lines.

Avoiding Future Clogged Drains

Most drain clogs are caused by improper use. The drains in your home’s sinks and tubs are only designed to handle water and tiny bits of dirt. So when you wash food scraps, grease, oil, and other debris down the drain, you are going to face a tough clog. The problems begin with the oil and grease forming a sticky coating inside the drain pipes. Soon that tacky coating traps bits of food waste and other particles to form a clog in the drain.

You can avoid most drain clogs by eliminating food waste and oil from the drain line. For example, scrape dishes into the trashcan before rinsing and place oil and grease in a can to dispose of in the trash. Also, putting a small mesh screen in each drain will help capture debris before it enters the drain and begins to form a clog.

Finally, being proactive is the best way to avoid any drain clogs in your future. Once each year, this simple cleaning process will remove any residue in the drain lines and ensure that they allow wastewater to flow smoothly to the city sewer system. With the residue removed, you will also find that you experience fewer issues with foul odors coming from the drains. Call 915-233-7515 to schedule a proactive professional drain cleaning each year with the Choice Plumbing USA experts or if you have discovered a clogged drain in your home.