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All humans need pure, clean water to remain healthy. Unfortunately, not all water lives up to that need, leading many property owners to investigate their options for water treatment in El Paso. At Choice Plumbing USA, we offer a full line of water softeners and water filtration systems to treat the water in your home to make it drinkable, safe, and less harsh on your skin and hair. Call 915-233-7515 to speak to our water quality experts and request an estimate.

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Understanding Water Softeners

Water with a high concentration of minerals is said to be hard water. These minerals make the water taste bad and can even add an odd odor in most cases. Hard water is not life-threatening. It is, however, hazardous for your plumbing lines and fixtures as it causes significant corrosion and blockages over time. Most people choose to use a water softener that employs ion exchange to eliminate the minerals.

It is essential to understand that a water softener does not remove any other contaminants from the water. It only removes the mineral ions to improve the water’s taste and eliminate the potential corrosion and scale build-up on plumbing fixtures and inside water lines. Call 915-233-7515 to learn more about water softeners in El Paso from the Choice Plumbing USA water quality experts.

Understanding El Paso Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems remove unwanted or hazardous chemical compounds, organic matter, and inorganic matter from water. The purpose of filtration is to increase water quality and safety. There are several types of filtration systems offered by Choice Plumbing USA, including:

When you call 915-233-7515 and speak to a water purity expert, you can learn more about each of these filtration processes and request a quote for your home or commercial property. Once our pro has determined the contaminants, we will provide you with information on the type of water filtration in El Paso that will best meet your needs and the system that is best suited for your budget.

Four Reasons To Have Your Water Tested

Most of us assume that the water coming from our faucets is healthy and safe to consume. However, there are some telltale signs that you need a water test, including:

Pure water is a necessity in every home. If you are concerned about your home’s water quality, call 915-233-7515 to speak with the water quality pros at Choice Plumbing USA. We are here to deliver quality water treatment in El Paso, TX.