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Top-Quality Sewer Line Repair and Replacement In El Paso, TX

The unsung hero of every home in El Paso is sure to be the sewer line. Unfortunately, homeowners never think about this essential pipe, and some do not even know it exists until there is a problem. But, then, your focus is on nothing but that one pipe that could cause filthy water and raw sewage to backup into your home or flood your yard. At that moment, all you want to know is whom to call for fast, professional, and affordable sewer line repair or possibly sewer line replacement in El Paso. Fortunately, the Choice Plumbing USA team has over 25 years of experience providing all the sewer line services the community needs at fair and reasonable prices. Call 915-233-7515 for a quote to get your sewer line functioning again quickly.

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What Causes Sewer Line Issues?

First, what is a sewer line? They are the transport system for sewage from your home to a sewage treatment facility. There are three common causes of sewer line issues that account for almost every call to Choice Plumbing USA for a sewer line repair or replacement in El Paso, including:

Everything will eventually wear out, even your home’s sewer line. When that occurs, the cracks and damage can allow dirt and roots to enter the line while the raw sewage escapes. Soon, you are experiencing issues with water and sewage backups or leaks in your yard.

Physical damage to a sewer line can be caused by a shovel, heavy equipment, or even the soil settling or heaving. Regardless of the cause of the damage, the issues compound much like in the case of an old worn-out line.

The final issue is related to what is flowing through the sewer line. If foreign objects like socks, small toys, or bad report cards are flushed, there will be a nasty clog in your future. Even a small blockage will continue to grow until the entire sewer line is blocked and there is nowhere for the sewage to go except back into your home.

No matter what caused your sewer line worries, the solution is a simple call to 915-233-7515. The Choice Plumbing USA experts will locate and correct the issue quickly and cost-effectively.

Locating Sewer Line Issues

At Choice Plumbing USA, we rely on technology to reduce the destruction of your property when you have a sewer line issue. A small camera is deployed into the sewer line to transmit images of the inside of the pipe and any clogs to our pros. Using these images, we can provide you with a price quote for a sewer line repair, clog removal, or replacement in El Paso depending on the issues.

A single crack or damage to the pipe can typically be repaired. However, if there is damage throughout the pipe or has deteriorated, our recommendation will be a sewer line replacement to provide the most value and long-term solution for your home. Regardless of the issue, know that the experts at Choice Plumbing USA will work with you to find the solution that works for you and your budget.