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The Go-To Safe Team For Gas Line Repair And Installation In El Paso, TX

Many El Paso area homes have gas lines installed to service their heating and cooking needs and powering appliances like the water heater and clothes dryer. A gas line might also be used for a fireplace insert, outdoor fire pit, or a BBQ grill. Clearly, there could be several gas lines running throughout your home. So it is essential to know whom to call when you think there could be an issue with any of these pipes. The experts at Choice Plumbing USA have over 25 years of expertise in gas line repair and installation in El Paso, TX. So you know you are in good hands when you call 915-233-7515 about gas line issues.

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Warning Signs Of A Gas Leak In Your Home

While gas is a beneficial service in your home, it is vital to remember that it can also become very hazardous if there is a leaking line. So everyone in the house should understand the warning signs of a potential gas leak, which include:
When you notice any of these signs of a possible gas leak, call 915-233-7515 for immediate assistance. In addition, it is wise to evacuate your home while leaving windows open to allow any gas to dissipate.

The Potential Health Hazards Related to a Gas Leak

When there is a gas leak in a confined space, like a home or commercial building, it displaces the oxygen in the air essential to life. Once the gas reaches a high concentration in the air, anyone breathing it will begin to suffer from oxygen deprivation, similar to suffocation. These signs of this life-threatening problem include:
It is also crucial to know that your domestic pets will suffer from this lack of oxygen and can display signs of distress, including:

Call 911 and evacuate all humans and pets from the home or enclosed space at the first sign of any of these symptoms. Leave doors and windows open to allow the gas to dissipate and stay a safe distance from the structure until it has been inspected and deemed safe by professionals. Call 915-233-7515 for a quote for any gas line repair or installation in El Paso, TX, including complete gas line replacement in an older home.