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Common Causes of Water Backing Up Into the Shower

When you’re in the process of bathing, you don’t expect to see water start rising into the shower. This can be alarming and can put your home at risk of becoming flooded. There are a few common causes of water backing up into the shower on your property in El Paso, TX.

Clogs in the Main Sewer Line

One of the main reasons water starts to come up your drains is due to clogs and blockages that are present with your main sewer line. When a blockage develops, it prevents the water from having anywhere to go, causing it to back up into your bath, shower, and sinks. This requires seeking professional assistance from a company like Choice Plumbing USA in El Paso. Our professionals can inspect the pipes to determine where the blockage is present and ensure it’s removed.

Different Types of Blockages

If the main sewage line is clogged, it can be due to a number of different factors that you’ll need to investigate. We have many large and mature trees in El Paso, and roots are known to grow directly into the pipes. Grease buildup can also develop after you dispose of oil into the drain, and then it solidifies in other parts of your plumbing system. Other items like toys, flushable wipes, paper towels, and sanitary products can also lead to clogs when residents in the home toss them down the drain or toilets.

Additional Causes

A professional plumber can determine if another issue is causing water to come up the drains in your shower. There are times when there’s a clogged trap in one of your bathrooms or in the kitchen. In some cases, the clog isn’t present in your own home but can be present in a different part of the plumbing system. If your home and plumbing system are located on a steep pitch, that can prevent everything from draining as quickly.

Some people attempt to remove clogs and blockages with drain cleaners. Unfortunately, these products have a low success rate. The cleaners can work temporarily, but they can allow the clogs to form again, leading to water coming up through your drains. Hiring a professional to remove the clog with professional tools and equipment will offer a long-term solution that can prevent further issues from developing on your property.

If you’re in El Paso, we invite you to reach out to our team at Choice Plumbing USA. Our experts will answer your questions and can give you the information you need. When you’re dealing with water coming up the drains and into your shower, we can correct the situation. Call us today.