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3 Common Sewer Line Problems That Need to Be Fixed Fast

Aside from leading to inconveniences, a damaged sewer line can turn out to be a health hazard on your property. That’s why you should get any sewer line issues fixed as fast as possible. Below are the most common sewer line problems that homeowners encounter.

1. Pipe Corrosion

Pipe corrosion occurs when the metal used to make the pipe oxidizes with wastewater. The metal is eaten away and gradually becomes weaker. While this issue is often gradual, it carries heavy consequences; hence, it needs to be fixed fast. If not taken care of as soon as possible, the pipe, due to becoming weaker, could burst and leave behind a huge mess.

To avoid tedious, time-consuming tasks, it’s advisable that you contact a professional to help fix your sewer line before it corrodes completely. Using the right equipment, the professional will replace the sewer line if need be so that it can keep working seamlessly.

2. Tree Root Intrusion

As trees grow, their roots wander to search for nutrients and water. Since the waste in sewer lines is rich in nutrients and even water, it’s not uncommon for tree roots to intrude into sewer lines to extract them. During this process, the tree roots can damage sewer pipes at their connection points, making them burst.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to notice when tree roots are becoming a menace to your sewer lines. For this reason, it’s recommended that you get in touch with your local plumber so that they carry out routine maintenance. Through routine maintenance, your plumber will be able to know if your pipes are all fine or facing a potential danger from the trees nearby.

3. Blockages

Several factors can leave a pipe clogged, and they include hair, grease buildup, and food. These problems are common in smaller pipes, but that doesn’t mean larger ones are safe. It’s important that you watch what goes down the drain to prevent your pipes from becoming clogged. If it’s food waste, ensure it’s disposed of properly.

Sometimes, you may not even know that your activities are making your pipes clogged and only notice the issue when it’s too late. If this turns out to be the case, contact your local plumber for help. An experienced plumber uses high-performance tools to unclog pipes and keep wastewater running smoothly.

Other common sewer line problems that need to be fixed fast include:

  • Heavy machinery colliding with a sewer line during construction
  • Grease cooling to form a dense solid that clogs the pipes
  • An old, weaker sewer line that can burst without warning

A damaged sewer line will give off strange smells and can even be the cause of several health issues, such as trouble breathing and frequent coughing. Since several factors can damage a sewer line, it’s important that you call your local plumber to have the pipes checked on a regular basis. At Choice Plumbing USA, we offer services for sewer lines in El Paso, TX, so call us today to schedule an appointment.