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Fall Is the Best Time to Clean Your Drains

The mild weather that El Paso enjoys in the fall is one of the things that makes it the best time to clear out your drains. It’s not as chilly as it can get in winter, where pipes can freeze during a cold night, and it’s not as swelteringly hot or stormy as it gets in the summer. Here are other reasons why it’s good to clean your drains in the fall.

To Prepare for the Holiday Season

Starting with Halloween and ending after New Year, all kinds of debris from candy corn to string to tinsel to broken glass are going to start making their way down your drains. Cleaning out your drains now prevents clogs from appearing at the very worst time, such as in the middle of a holiday party.

Trees Start Looking for Water Underground

El Paso’s climate is rather dry anyway, and it becomes even drier in the fall and winter. This is when trees start to look for sources of moisture underground. One of the sources of moisture may be your sewer line, so it’s important to keep this large drain clear as well. Tiny roots can grow so abundantly in a sewer line or main drain that they can burst. Before that happens, tree roots can cause your sewer to back up at the worst possible time. Signs that something problematic is happening with your drains include not only back-ups but gurgling or bubbling sounds, the smell of sewage, slow drains, and clogs that keep coming back.

You’re Tidying Your Home Anyway

Spring is not the only season where people do a lot of cleaning. Fall is another time when people tidy up, even if they’re not planning on doing a lot of holiday entertaining. This involves everything from yard work to putting away summer clothes and bed linens. People also call in HVAC professionals to check their heating systems and electricians to check their electrical systems, so why not call in a plumber to clear the drains?

Call Us for Your Fall Drain Cleaning

Our licensed and experienced plumbers are proud to serve the residents of El Paso. We are experts at all manner of plumbing services, including drain clearing. Sometimes we use high-pressure hydrojetting to make sure that clogs and other debris are blasted from your main drain, leaving it pristine and clear. Don’t hesitate to ask about our other services, such as water heaters, leak detection, gas lines, and water treatment. Reach out to our plumbers at Choice Plumbing USA today.