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Important Tips to Follow to Prevent Clogs in Your Pipes

The sewer line is an important part of your plumbing system and is made to last for many years. Although the parts are durable, the line is still prone to developing clogs at times if the wrong items are washed down the drain. If you want to prevent clogs and expensive repairs, there are a few tips to follow to keep the line clear to maintain proper water flow on your property in El Paso, Texas.

Use Enzyme Cleaners

One of the secrets to avoiding clogs in your sewer line is to use enzyme cleaners, which break down waste and gunk that forms. Enzyme cleaners should be used each month and are proven to be a lot more effective than cleaners that contain chemicals. Cleaners that are harsh and contain chemicals can gradually cause damage to the pipes and don’t offer long-term effects.

Add Mesh Lint Traps

Even if you’re careful about the types of items that are washed down the drain, it can still be easy for certain types of debris or objects to slip into the pipes. Mesh lint traps are affordable and easy to use to ensure you can collect larger objects that can lead to clogs. This type of part can be used on the shower drains and sink drains in all bathrooms and kitchens in the home.

Make Use of Bacteria

Bacteria is effective for breaking down organic matter that can accumulate and clog the sewer line. It’s considered to be non-corrosive and can be used regularly to keep your pipes clear without causing any damage. The bacteria is most effective when you’re not using the drain to prevent water from affecting how well it works. It’s also safe to use if you have a septic tank on your property, which is common for many residential properties further out in El Paso, Texas.

Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

Many people assume that hot grease is safe to pour down the drain after cooking a meal. Unfortunately, grease hardens and solidifies after it starts to cool, preventing other types of waste from being washed down the drain. Instead, get into the habit of collecting it in a jar that you can store in the fridge before tossing it in the trash.

Perform an Inspection

Hire a plumber from a company like Choice Plumbing USA in El Paso County to perform an inspection at least once each year to determine if any clogs are forming. The professional will have the necessary tools and equipment to dislodge the clogs before they lead to issues.

Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about how to prevent clogs from forming in your pipes to keep everything functioning. Our team is here to keep you informed and can explain the different services we offer in El Paso, Texas.