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Maintenance Checklist for Preparing Your Sewer Line for Winter

Because you will spend more time indoors during the winter, your home plumbing system will really get a workout. More sewage will go through your sewer line, especially when you have family and friends over for indoor gatherings. To prepare your sewer line for the cold weather that lies ahead, follow the maintenance checklist below.

Have Your Sewer Line Inspected

During a sewer line inspection, the plumber will feed a flexible borescope camera down your main drainpipe and through your sewer line. This camera allows plumbers to look for clogs, cracks, and damage to the pipes. A sewer line inspection is beneficial because you can find and repair problems before they become significant and negatively impact your property and your health. Experts recommend that you have a sewer line inspection once a year, and you should schedule it before winter comes since cold weather can add additional complexities that you want to avoid.

Schedule Sewer Line Maintenance and Cleaning

Before winter really sets in, it is imperative that you schedule maintenance and cleaning with a professional. You should schedule sewer line maintenance and cleaning once each year for the best results, and fall is the perfect time to have it done. During your appointment, you can expect the following:

Remove Tree Roots

Tree roots wreak havoc on sewer lines. Because moisture draws tree roots, they will gravitate to your sewer line if there are any cracks present. The more moisture the tree roots receive, the larger they will become and cause cracks in the sewer line to expand. Tree roots can cause blockages because other debris, such as grease and food particles, will adhere to them and solidify. If the clog is severe enough, a blockage will develop and create a backup. If your sewer line backs up in the winter, the pipe is at risk of freezing and bursting. When a plumber performs maintenance on your sewer line, he or she will remove tree roots that clean and repair the pipes.

Clean the Sewer Line

Plumbers have a variety of tools at their disposal to clean sewer lines. Tools consist of a drain snake, professional-strength chemicals, and a hydro jetting machine. The tools that the plumber will use to clean your sewer line will depend on your circumstances as well as your budget.

Install Drain Traps

Falling leaves can make their way into your sewer line and cause a clog. To prevent this, the plumber may recommend installing a drain trap during your maintenance appointment to keep leaves at bay.

Clean Up the Leaves

You can also minimize the impact that leaves will have on your sewer line by raking them and turning them into compost. Rake leaves regularly to prevent them from drifting down into your pipes. Do not wait until too many leaves accumulate because the chances of them causing a problem will increase.

To help prepare your sewer line for cold weather and ensure no hazards from backups enter your El Paso, TX home, contact Choice Plumbing USA. We will conduct a thorough inspection, provide maintenance, and help you repair problems that we find to keep your sewer line at peak performance.