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Signs Your Water Quality Is Suffering

Ingesting contaminated water can lead to serious illness and result in fatalities in some cases. Therefore, ensuring good water quality is critical for maintaining health and safety. To maintain good water quality, you need to be aware of the signs that there is a problem, so you can fix it quickly. The following signs suggest that your water quality is suffering and needs attention.

Water Smells Like Detergent

While detergent smells fresh and clean, your water should not have a detergent smell when it comes out of the faucet. If your water smells like detergent and you have not used any, your water contains disease-causing microorganisms that put you at risk for serious illness.

Metallic or Bitter Tasting Water

If your water has a metallic or bitter taste, stop using and drinking it immediately and call a plumber for help. A metallic or bitter taste means that your water supply is severely contaminated, and using and consuming the water can cause severe water-borne illness.

Blue-Green Stains on Fixtures

If you notice that your plumbing fixtures have blue-green stains, you have a high amount of copper in your water. When you consume high levels of copper, you can develop anemia and digestive problems. You can even damage your liver and kidneys.

Water Has Oily Film

If you flush the toilet or run a bath and notice that an oily film is rising on top of the water, this means that grease has somehow made its way into your water supply. You should stop using your water and get help immediately, as there is a problem with your pipes that is allowing contaminants to leak into the water supply.

You Smell Sulfur

If your water smells like rotten eggs, there is sulfur present. No level of sulfur is safe to consume.

Murky Water

When water is murky, your mineral content is high. While water will contain some minerals, it is essential to keep them at safe levels to avoid illness. Run the water for a few minutes to see if the water turns clear. If the water still appears murky despite running it for some time, you need to seek assistance returning the minerals to levels that are safe for drinking and bathing.

Strong Chlorine Smell

Small traces of chlorine are commonly added to tap water to ensure it is sanitary for drinking and bathing. Normally, you will barely notice the smell. If the chlorine smell is strong, though, the water is not safe for drinking.

Tinted Water

Water should not have color to it, especially after you run it for a few minutes. If your water appears tinted despite running it, it contains elements that are not safe for consumption. Your water may contain rust from corroded pipes, or there may be pollutants present from rainfall, such as motor oil and agricultural runoff.

Water purification systems can remedy poor water quality in most cases; however, it is still highly recommended to contact a plumber, have your plumbing system inspected, and have your water tested. If you notice signs of poor water quality in your El Paso, TX home, contact Choice Plumbing USA for water treatment services.